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Aslan Kükredi Peugeot 308 GTi

Peugeot 308 GTi tanıtıldı. 1.6 lt’lik, 4 silindirli, turbo beslemeli, 250 HP ve 270 HP güçlü benzinli motorun görev aldığı 308 GTi, iki seçenekte de 330 Nm maksimum torku üretiyor. 6 ileri manuel şanzımanlı 308 GTi, 1205 kg ağırlığında. 250 HP’lik versiyon 0-100 km/s hıza 6.2 saniyede ulaşırken 270 HP’lik versiyon 6.0 saniyede 0-100 km/s hıza ulaşıyor. Euro6 normlarını karşılayan motorunun ortalama yakıt tüketimi 100 km’de 6.0 lt iken emisyon salımı da 139g/km.

Power comes from a 1.6-liter, 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine developing 250 PS (184 kW) and 270 PS (200 kW), with both versions providing a maximum torque of 330 Nm (244 lb-ft) sent to the front axle exclusively through a six-speed manual gearbox.
Tipping the scales at just 1,205 kg (2,656 lbs), the new Peugeot 308 GTi 250 runs the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint in 6.2 seconds whereas its more powerful sibling completes the task 0.2s quicker. The standard model rides on 18-inch alloys while the beefier version gets 19-inch rims and also a Torsen limited-slip differential.
It sits 11 mm closer to the road and has received an updated power steering system along with chassis upgrades and the driver will have the possibility of turning off ESP completely. Thanks to the low curb weight and efficient Euro 6-compliant engine, the Peugeot 308 GTi will consume just 6 liters / 100 km (39.2 mpg US or 47 mpg UK) on average, with corresponding CO2 emissions of only 139 g/km.

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